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New Amenities In Phase 6, Near Final Phase Homesites

  • 2nd Community Lake!  At 4-acres, this serene waterscape will be fully stocked with fish and a favorite gathering spot.
  • Lakeside Plaza! A wooden, lakeside plaza with community fire pit and lawn
  • Boardwalk! An 8-foot-wide, lakeside boardwalk with multiple fishing piers and pavilions along the way, so you can find where fish are biting!
  • Largest Pool With New Restaurant! The largest, resort-style pool in all of Cinnamon Shore, with renderings unveiled soon!
  • New Dune Crossover. A new dune crossover serving this side of Cinnamon Shore South, offering easy beach access
  • Sundown Court. This paver-lined street and plaza will be lined with reading benches and shade trees.
  • Allée of Palms. A broad, tree-lined allée of palms, providing grandeur during a walk to the beach


Family Pool: Breaking Ground!

Adjacent to the already popular, cabana-lined pool that opened last summer at South, this incredible, family oasis will offer lake views and a splash pad, too! Renderings will be available soon!

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