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BlogSeptember 2022Fishing At Cinnamon Shore

Fishing At Cinnamon Shore


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Here’s the lowdown on casting a line into our on-site lakes! You can also surf cast from our beach, with a fishing license for those 17 and older.


What lakes allow fishing at Cinnamon Shore?

All of them! We currently three on-site lakes stocked with fish! At Cinnamon Shore North, there’s Lake Gavin and Lake Colby, which has a dock and boardwalk where people often try their hand at casting a line. At Cinnamon Shore South, a large primary lake is a centerpiece of the community, and the fish grow larger there.

Plans are in the works for additional lakes at Cinnamon Shore South, with boardwalks and more fishing pavilions. So stay tuned!

CS South  Looking Over Lake

What type of fish?

Our Beach and Lifestyle Director Jordon Tucker says to look for tilapia, perch, bass, and the occasional Texas freshwater redfish in all the lakes. “Tilapia is actually mainly a freshwater fish but can survive in brackish water,” Jordan says.

Being so close to the Gulf, our lakes support all of these species.

family fishinglargephoto contest

Is fishing at Cinnamon Shore catch-and-release only?

No! Most guests do toss their catch back into the lake, but if you snag a particularly large fish that you’d like to have for dinner, feel free to take it back to your rental or home and prepare!


Where can I rent tackle boxes and poles?

Reserve your gear by talking with the Vacation Rentals Office, and pick it up there on Market Street at Cinnamon Shore North. Call 361-749-0422.

The tackle boxes come stocked with soft plastic bait, hard plastic baits, and various other tackle such as hooks, weights, fishing pliers, etc. The tackle boxes are mainly tailored to the lakes as Cinnamon Shore, Jordan says. “However, I do throw in some beach fishing tackle plus a soft plastic shrimp if the guests would like to fish from the beach, which requires a fishing license.”


When do I need a fishing license?

Only if you choose to surf cast from the beach and you are above the age of 17. Here’s a list where you can purchase one locally here in Port A.


Any tips for newbies? 

“It is fairly easy to cast a line, especially with the kids poles we offer, since you just press a button and cast,” Jordan says. “The adult poles, however, are spinning reels which makes it a little more difficult.”

His biggest tip? Don’t let your finger off the line when casting. He often shares this how-to video with guests who ask for advice.


Keep safety in mind!

Fishing during your down time is an easy thing to do between pool time and beach time. But remember to be respectful of your surroundings and kids and families walking past. “We haven’t had anyone getting hooked yet,” Jordan warns, “but it can happen.”

CS South  Looking Over Lake

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