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Savor the Seafood: 7 Favorite Picks for Dining Out in Port Aransas

Where to eat at the beach? The wrong choice can disappoint when you’ve been looking forward to the perfect vacation. At Cinnamon Shore, our rentals come with fabulous, state-of-the-art kitchens designed for easily whipping up something wonderful for friends and families. But it’s fun to dine out at the beach – to sample seafood or (read)

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Summer Sips at Cinnamon Shore

What to Sip This Summer ~  It may be awhile before you can visit Cinnamon Shore in Port Aransas, and we can’t wait to see you at the beach sometime soon! In the meantime, have a sip of summer. It's no secret that Port Aransas has stellar bars and restaurants, with plenty of great libations to enjoy. But here's one of our favorite cocktails (read)

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Nominate Your Favorites! New Restaurant & Retail at Cinnamon Shore

Who Should Be at Cinnamon Shore?  We're Looking For One-Of-A-Kind Restaurants & Retail! We’re ready to bring more great eateries, shops, and services to Cinnamon Shore—and we want your input! So many restaurateurs and owners are interested, but we’d love to get your perspective. And maybe you’re one of the dreamers who (read)

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Port Aransas Marina Restaurant Roundup!

Dinner with a View! Vacationers and homeowners at Cinnamon Shore love the restaurants right inside our village—the ever-popular Lisabella’s Bistro and beloved Dylan’s pizzeria. But one night, you might want to dine while watching fishing boats come and go from the harbor or while checking out the yachts docked there. Newcomer Grumble (read)