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Go Coastal Chic!

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Designers Showcase: Elements of Coastal Chic

When you look at listings for homes under construction at Cinnamon Shore South, you’ll notice many showcase a fresh take on coastal interiors. They have a modern sensibility that updates our favorite coastal elements, from screen porches and cozy family rooms to bunk beds and luxe master baths.

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Sleek, geometric light fixtures mix with chandeliers draped with seashell garland. From rectangular, glassed in creations to a pair of rounded pendants over the kitchen island, shape and style feel 21st Century mod.



Vinyl plank flooring mimics hardwoods but holds up well in coastal environments. Builders at Cinnamon Shore South, such as Seabreeze Construction, work to share selections during the building process so you know how all the elements of the home will come together for a cohesive look.

MidCentury Mod Vibe

Mid-Century Modern Lines

From retro, Big Chill refrigerators in some kitchens to clean lines on TV consoles and furnishings, you’ll see a simple, clean look that’s fresh as a coastal breeze. 

Powder Room Image Wallpaper

Playful Wallpapers & Patterns

Stylish wallpaper covers powder room walls and bedroom accent walls, while rugs may add color or playful symmetry. 

Mod with Retro Fridge

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Cinnamon Shore Realty can introduce you to great custom builders and interior designers who can capture this kind of coastal vibe!

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