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BlogFebruary 2022Best Bunk Rooms!

Best Bunk Rooms!

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Pick the top bunk or down below! These bunk rooms will keep everyone happy with where they end up!

Most homes, town homes and condos at Cinnamon Shore feature bunk beds -- either an official bunk room or tucked away in a nook. Some homes even add a wall of bunks to the secondary living room or den. Space-saving and fun for kids of all ages, they're a natural choice at the beach. Get inspired by ideas from Cinnamon Shore--like this set-up from Isle Be Back, one of our newer beach home vacation rentals. 

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Nautical stripes

A sure way to convey a coastal setting is to rely on nautical stripes for bedding. From soft blue and white stripes to crisp navy and cream, the effect always looks ship shape.


Sweet Symmetry

Pairs of built-in bunks that adds symmetry to the bedroom.  Whether homeowners choose two pairs or three, the bunks line up neatly with covers tucked under as tight as a midshipman would do. The sturdy ship's ladder begs kids to climb to the top bunk. 

49103h_from Latitude Adjustment

Built-In Twins

Not every "bunk room" has bunks. Some offer twin beds that are built against the wall or built-in with storage beneath. Here at Latitude Adjustment, mixed plaid squares accent by crab-print pillows lends a coastal feel. And this kid-friendly room feel like bunk room without the upstairs-downstairs feel of traditional bunk beds. And no one has to be on the "bottom."

52824h 1_making waves

All white, sleep tight

At Making Waves, a gorgeous townhome on Town Center at Cinnamon Shore North, this bunk room opts for an all-white palette accented by sunny yellow and soft blues. White matelasse coverlets tuck in behind linear railings, while white shiplap dresses the walls and white shutters and French doors let in the coastal light. Storage drawers beneath keeps clothes and games out of the way for a ship-shape space.

See the Sea_48128h

Family time

In this new home at Cinnamon Shore South, take a look at this master suite that includes a twin bunk built over a baby crib. It's the perfect way to accommodate young families as guests at a second beach home. This bedroom is one of 8 incredible guest rooms at See the Sea, a beautiful new vacation rental at 'South.'

See the Sea_Sitting Area with Bunk_48142h

Sharing space

Also at See the Sea, more bunk tuck into the wall of one of the smaller dens in this coastal retreat. A pair of built-ins separated by a built-in stairway between them back a sectional sofa -- all facing the flat-screen TV. Think of the movie nights with teens and kids gathered in this cozy space, accented by the surf board hung as artwork.

Many homes at Cinnamon Shore find ways to add extra bunks in nooks or along walls, making room for guests and friends. 

Bunk Room Fun

Sleep nook

This configuration,with a bunk tucked into a nook on the 4th floor as part of a top-floor den, creates the feel of a sleeping porch nook. The arrangement facilitates plenty of late-night giggles and story-telling.

48125h_see the sea bunk room blue

Straight and narrow

Bunk rooms also help vacation homeowners take advantage of smaller and narrower rooms -- accommodating many in less space. Kids will have everything they need and you can devote more square footage to gathering spaces for the whole family and your master suite!

32960h_bunk room salty dog home

Book a Home With a Bunk!

Browse our vacation rentals and find one with the perfect bunk set-up for your family. From homes like this one, The Salty Dog, to condos or cottages, we've got lots to choose from! 



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Making Waves TC 9108

5.0 (13 reviews)
  • 3-bedroom
  • 3.5-bathroom
  • Town Center View

49085 M
49086 M
49087 M
49088 M
49089 M
  • 3-bedroom
  • 3-bathroom
  • Town Center View

67565 M
67563 M
67560 M
67571 M
67581 M

The Salty Dog 314 GR

5.0 (19 reviews)
  • 4-bedroom
  • 5-bathroom
  • Gulf View

69074 M
69075 M
69076 M
69077 M
69078 M

Isle Be Back 238 LAK

5.0 (10 reviews)
  • 4-bedroom
  • 4-bathroom
  • Lake View

48085 M
48086 M
48087 M
48088 M
48089 M

See The Sea 116 TUC

4.9 (10 reviews)
  • 8-bedroom
  • 7-bathroom
  • Gulf View

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