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"State of Mind" Winners + NEW PHOTO CONTEST

One look at these photos transports us to Texas' best beach! Our most recent photo contest ran fall through February and asked you to share stories and photos that depict a "Cinnamon Shore State of Mind." Boy, did you all deliver! See winners below, along with a few staff favorites--and details of our new contest, " Family Is Forever ," below! Contest (read)

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Happiness Hack: Beach Time Taps Hormones that Help!

Release all the right hormones for that peaceful, easy feeling when you visit Cinnamon Shore! Here's how. A U.K. site "Happy Place" shares how to hack hormones with simple activities and habits. Turns out, being at the beach can help you do many of them. No wonder it feels so good to be at Cinnamon Shore! BOOK YOUR BEACH TRIP NOW! Activate 4 Chemical (read)

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Cozy on the Coast

Snuggle in Close! It’s Fall on the Coast! From private beach bonfires to s’mores at our inaugural Beach, Boos & BBQ weekend Oct. 27-28 , there are all sorts of ways to feel the warmth when you stay at Cinnamon Shore. This fall, enjoy together time with family and friends on the Texas Coast—and get cozy! Fall Carnival Fun at Beach (read)

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See the Winners: 'Beach Days are the Best Days' Contest

Winning Photos Showcase the Beachy Side of Cinnamon Shore Our most recent photo contest confirmed what we all know: "Beach Days are the Best Days"! More than 300 entries showcased all the ways you enjoy your time in our beach town of Cinnamon Shore. In addition to the three winning photos shown below, check out our staff favorites!  Now, YOU can (read)

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Hear the Cinnamon Shore Theme Song!

Mark McKinney appeared on the Cinnamon Shore stage during Port A Live Music Fest! During he set, he sang the official theme song we commissioned when we launched Cinnamon Shore South.  Lyrics say: “I’ll take it all day, this way/Give me some more … Cinnamon Shore.” Texas country music artist Mark McKinney says that being (read)

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Favorite Beach Traditions

Come to the shore and repeat these carefree rituals. Epic card games. Sandcastle contests. Lifelong memories start simply at the beach—from walking on the beach at sunset to taking a week to complete a puzzle laid on the dining table. We asked homeowners to share favorite traditions and noticed many rituals captured in our photo contests.   (read)

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Announcing: Photo Winners + New Contest!

What Will You Remember About Cinnamon Shore? Our most recent contest asked you to share "My Cinnamon Shore Memories" -- and we had some gorgeous photos, like  "Tranquility" submitted by Bert. E. showcasing sunrise-tinted waves. It's one of our staff picks, and you can see all the contest winners below! For our NEW CONTEST, running now through Labor (read)

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A Toast to 3 Area Charities: Giving Back

Cinnamon Shore Wine Auction Dinner Helps 3 Groups Doing Noteworthy Work in South Texas ~ On Sat., March 25, 2023, the first annual Cinnamon Shore Charity Wine Auction Dinner celebrated an evening of coastal elegance and raised funds for three, highly deserving charity groups--Helping Hands Food Pantry, New Life Refuge and The Purple Door. Featuring (read)

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Why Winter Sunsets are Better

Brighter Colors, Clearer Skies If the sunset seems to burn brighter this time of year, it’s not your imagination.  Science says winter sunsets are best—thanks to clearer air, colder temperatures, and the angle of the sun. Plus, when cold and warm air collide, spectacular cloud formations give light more ways to splash across the sky (read)

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Serene Sunrises at Cinnamon Shore

Majestic mornings at Cinnamon Shore~ Mustang Island faces east—guaranteeing that you start each day with a serene sunrise over Gulf waters. Many of our guests start their day at dawn—with photos to prove it! We pulled some of the prettiest sunrise images from our past photo contests to showcase the daily miracle of sunrise. Beach lovers (read)

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Winners! Sun, Sand & Snapshots Contest

So Many Submissions! Last summer's contest drew the largest number of people sharing their stories about Cinnamon Shore than in any contest ever! We love depictions of family bonding, beachside fun, and the gorgeous architecture of Cinnamon Shore. And how about the sunrise shots over the Gulf and sunset pics over the bay, like this "staff favorite" (read)

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What to Do When You See a Sea Turtle!

It was a normal day at the beach -- until someone spotted a sea turtle on the beach at Cinnamon Shore ~ Beach & Lifestyle Manager Jordan Tucker was working away in his office at Cinnamon Shore when word came that the giant Loggerhead sea turtle had lumbered onto the beach. He sprang into action, contacting the experts at the Amos Rehabilitation (read)

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Get Your Vitamin Sea! Beach Time Is Good for the Soul

Do you relax and feel better at the beach? Here’s why: 'Blue Space' Studies show areas by ocean, lake, pond or pool elevate your mood. Looking out at the color blue actually changes your brain waves’ frequency, making you feel calm and at peace, according to clinical psychologists. The Washington Post reports that "[f]rom 2016 to 2020, (read)

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A Day in the Life...

See what it's like to own at Cinnamon Shore. Dr. Marylin Goodwin, a Gulf-front homeowner at Cinnamon Shore South and founder of a beach cleanup non-profit, has loved Port Aransas beaches since she was 5 years old—and she turns 75 next week. “That’s a long time,” she says. Now, she and husband J.B. Goodwin of Austin host family (read)

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Explore Bayside Beauty-A Nature Walk at Port Aransas' Birding Center

Take this easy excursion from Cinnamon Shore to the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center. It's an unusual location--right next door to the Nueces County Water Treatment Facility--but here you'll find a landscaped pathway leading behind the gurgling machinery to find a newly built, 700-foot boardwalk over freshwater wetlands . It winds amid a well landscaped (read)

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Top 5 Best Sellers in our Gift Shop!

Stop by the Gift Shop in the Cinnamon Shore Vacation Rentals office to pick up a memento. Choose your favorite T-shirt or sweatshirt. Popular tumblers come in various sizes, and the tall, 35-ounce version holds an entire bottle of wine. “That’s been a good selling point,” says Merchandise Manager Tricia Tinnin, laughing. In the future (read)

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Get the Cinnamon Shore Playlist!

Chill With Hours of Summertime Tunes~ Our Summer Play Lists starts with Mark McKinney’s “Cinnamon Shore,” a perfect summertime anthem that reminds you of being under our coral-and-white-striped umbrella! It's on Spotify, so log in and search for Cinnamon Shore Summer. Then enjoy a mix of everything from country to reggae to EDM and (read)

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Make Time for Family Time

There's never enough time. Make some when you come to Cinnamon Shore.  A study from a SoCal tourism board found that families only spend just 37 minutes of quality time together on weekdays. Of the 2,000 surveyed, 60% of those with school-age kids say life is “hectic.” If you’re longing to slow down and reconnect, book time at (read)

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Sit Back & Relax

Our picks for embroidered, stitched, and hand-painted pillows offer instant coastal style and comfort. Use pillows with coastal themes to establish your vacation home’s locale or to change the look of a living room, bunk room or master suite. Select different shapes and sizes and choose among designs that range from sea-breeze delicate to nautical (read)

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Dogs Love The Beach

   Bring Your Dog To Cinnamon Shore Meet Briggs! He's an 8-year-old golden retriever who had a blast in the “sun and sand … and water!” according to owner Natalie T., who snapped the photo above during a stay at Cinnamon Shore. With great options for pet-friendly rentals and amenities such as our Dune Dogs Playground &mdash (read)

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Why Cinnamon Shore? One Austin Couple’s Answer

Get to know one of our Founding Neighbors at Cinnamon Shore South and find out why they’re building a coastal dream home there. Meet the Neighbors: Lavonne and Robert (Andy) Blalock, Texas natives and residents of Austin, married for 36 years Texas Beaches They Grew Up Visiting : Andy’s family vacationed at Galveston, while Lavonne spent (read)

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Happiness During Coastal Quarantine

One family found togetherness and joy during the pandemic in a vacation rental at Cinnamon Shore. When the Wilson family booked Spring Break at Cinnamon Shore, as usual, they had no idea how well they would get to know their favorite beach community on the Texas Coast. During their Spring Holiday stay, things starting shutting down due to COVID-19. (read)

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Vacation Longer, Live Longer

40-year Study Shows How Long You Should Vacation You know it’s true: Vacations help you unwind and help your health. Now, a new, 40-year study from the University of Helsinki, Finland, proves it. The finding, published in The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging, shows that those who took three weeks of vacation a year or more had lower death (read)

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What People Are Saying About Cinnamon Shore

We appreciate the kind words! We have enjoyed seeing some great, recent feedback and wanted to share these positive reviews about our community and staff.    Always a pleasant atmosphere ! Breathtaking views, staff always ready to help, lots of activities & shops and I never left without new friends. 🌴    Love this place!! Amenities (read)

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Look Out for Blue Buttons!

Have you spotted these little wonders washing up on the shore? In June, media around South Texas started reporting sightings of these curious little creatures washing up on the shores of Port A and Texas Coast. Commonly known as Blue Buttons, they look like a strange type of jelly fish, but they're actually related to the Portuguese Man o' War. Not (read)

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A Cinnamon Shore Sea Turtle Story

A special encounter     Over Mother's Day Weekend, some Cinnamon Shore homeowners out for a walk happend upon one of the most miraculous  events on the Coast--a lumbering sea turtle laying her eggs and then returning to the waters. The thrilling scene unfolded on a Saturday morning before exciting beachgoers.         (read)

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Capture the Quiet Season: Photo Contest

ENTER NOW FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! Every fall and winter, Port Aransas showcases its quiet beauty, making for memorable moments. From sharing good times with family and friends on the beach to relaxing on the deck of a great beach home in our community, these social media-worthy moments could earn you a return trip! Share the shots you take during (read)

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Science Says Best Gift for Your Family: Vacations!

Research Encourages You to Spend Time With Loved Ones at Places Like Cinnamon Shore We often give trinkets and toys for birthdays and holidays. But according to Matador Network, the best present to give your family is time away together on vacation. Here's why a trip to Cinnamon Shore can mean more than the average gift. Science says...  Writer (read)

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Under the Umbrella: How to Pack for a Day on the Beach

Get tips and tricks for packing up gear for the beach!  It's a beachgoer's dilemma: How to load up anad transport the picnic bag, toys, towels, sunscreen and more? We've got tips for efficient ways to get there and ideas for essentials to bring and what to leave behind.   Beach buggies make it easy. You can take a few trips if (read)

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5 Ways to Relax at Cinnamon Shore

Beach lovers know it's true: Just coming to the beach changes your state of mind and induces almost immediate relaxation. When you arrive at Cinnamon Shore you'll have the setting and the amenities to transform your vacation into time away that's truly transformative. Here's a look at five ways you can relax at Cinnnamon Shore.   (read)

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Family Traditions Matter at Cinnamon Shore

(Photos by Shannon Lafayette)     Family Traditions Matter at Cinnamon Shore   Make memories tinged with saltwater and sprinkled with sand during a visit to Cinnamon Shore.   On visits to Port Aransas, people post Instagram pic of their kids standing inside the mouths of giant, iconic shark statues at souvenir shops downtown. They (read)

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10 Reasons We're Grateful at Cinnamon Shore

  Thanksgiving is a special time of year as it's spent in the company of those we cherish most. This year, we have plenty to be thankful for and we'd love to share this time with you. In addition to our  great fall rates , we have a week full of festivities planned for Thanksgiving, including live music, s'mores, a football watch (read)

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It's Time to Retreat to the Coast

“Port Aransas has always been a place for Texas to relax, play, and make lasting memories. Now, after Harvey, it needs us just as much as we need it.” These powerful words can be found in this month’s Texas Monthly . Both Texas Monthly and Texas Highways featured us in their publications, as well as dozens of other local establishments. In both editions (read)

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Your Perfect Spring Break Reading List

Spring Break is fast-approaching, which means it’s just a matter of time before you’ll start packing to head somewhere warmer. Of course, a perfect packing list isn’t complete without a few must-reads -- after all, is there anything better than lounging by the ocean, sand between your toes, salty breeze through your hair, a warm sun, and a good book (read)

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Best Time to Buy Plane Tickets

We've all heard urban legends about when is best to book your flight, but a new study by Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation indicates that 2017 will bring lower prices and better deals for airline passengers. According to Chuck Thackston, ARC’s managing director of enterprise information "All the data show is no matter how you look at it, it (read)


Our Blog: The Cinnamon Shore Experience

Get Away to the Great Outdoors at Cinnamon Shore This winter, Cinnamon Shore concierge services can connect you with some of the best duck hunting and fishing grounds on the Texas Coast. Mild South Texas winters attract duck hunters and fishermen to Port Aransas, Texas, shores like the perfect duck call or a shiny, bright lure. Cinnamon Shore, a luxury (read)