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5 Reasons Cinnamon Shore Is Right for Your Family

Make Your Vacation Home in Our Charming Seaside Village   This Gulf-front town on the outskirts of Port Aransas, Texas, has become an idyllic community with resort-like pools and amenities, on-site eateries, and family-friendly activities. It's a place where memories become the legacy of days lit by the Texas sun.  Check out five favorite (read)

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Peach Fuzz--Color of the Year!

Pantone® calls it 'Peach Fuzz.' We see sunrise at Cinnamon Shore... Could the experts at the Pantone Color Institute picked a more luscious color as the 2024 Color of the Year? It's Peach Fuzz | Pantone 13-1023. And we can find it all over Cinnamon Shore! The Institute says the color represents a chance to "recalibrate" and experience "calm (read)

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Gulf-Front Dreamin'

Gulf-Front Dreams Come True At Cinnamon Shore South, Gulf-front row is rising home by home behind the line of sturdy dunes. This growing village on the Gulf side of Mustang Island builds on the legacy of neighboring Cinnamon Shore North, where the line of well-designed, well-crafted homes back the beachfront and rarely change hands. Now, in both Cinnamon (read)

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Homeowner Family Reunion 2023 | Let's Dance!

Oct. 6-7, 2023 Cinnamon Shore Realty is excited to celebrate the homeowners at Cinnamon Shore during the annual Cinnamon Shore Family Reunion! Be sure to bring your dancing shoes this year!  Weekend Summary If you own property at Cinnamon Shore, check out plans for the weekend and please RSVP! It will be a blast with fun for all ages, with a sneak (read)

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INTRODUCING: The Pool Villas

Two Now Available & Ready by Next Spring! Going up around a luxurious pool backed by a fitness center, the two-bedroom Poolside Villas at Cinnamon Shore South offer relaxed coastal style. Two of them are on the market now—with five more coming soon! Poolside Glamour Meets Island Living Imagine balconies that overlook shaded, palm-lined pool (read)

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Anatomy of a Coastal Interior

SURF Coastal Homes Presents Custom Home Quality and Selections Inside Every Home It Builds. Carrie Friesenhahn of SURF breaks down the pain-staking process that goes into every interiors selection. Photo Above: "Water" Palette Dining Area | Furnishings & Styling by Sarah Hardin Designs In the Escape Cottages at Cinnamon Shore South, Carrie matched (read)

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Big News! Amenities You've Been Waiting For

The Future of Cinnamon Shore South! A vibrant Town Square, neighborhood pools, a fitness center, sports courts, and more! Imagine all the new experiences soon to be available at South with your family and friends. We can’t wait to offer you exceptional (and reciprocal) privileges for amenities at North and South, with everyone enjoying the Cinnamon (read)

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Light It Up! Coastal Lighting Trends

See our Designer Showcase The designers and homeowners at Cinnamon Shore use statement lighting selections, coastal-inspired shades, and shell-encrusted chandeliers to illuminate their living spaces.  Pendant Lighting Whether a trio or a pair, stylish pendant lighting directs rays onto the kitchen islands where guests gather for meals or snacks (read)

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TX Designer Opens Showroom at Cinnamon Shore!

Acclaimed Austin Designer brings Decorum Home + Design to Market Street! Accomplished designer Christopher Beach has done project after project at Cinnamon Shore, and now he's establishing a new location of his Austin home store and design center in our coastal village!  Look for construction to start later this year on a 4,000-square-foot showroom (read)

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Buying a Beach Home In 2023

 Look at the bigger picture when considering a luxury real estate purchase. For those dreaming of buying a beach home or investing in more coastal real estate, you’ll have more options in 2023. In fact, forecasts [1] a 22.8% increase in available inventory, giving homebuyers more to choose from. More options are certainly on the (read)

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The Coast is Calling You!

Living the Dream: Live & Work at the Beach! As our merchant village expands, we're talking with exclusive Texas brands and proven entrepreneurs about a few, select retail spaces coming up! And we have room for a few more! Do you have a proven boutique concept and long for a coastal collection and lifestyle?  We're looking for a few unique boutiques (read)

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From the Ground Up: Follow the Progress!

Meet the Wiggans Family--And Watch Their New Home Go Up! Already part of the Cinnamon Shore Family, this San Antonio family of four is building a new vacation home at Cinnamon Shore South--and we'll walk through the process with them from start to finish! Melissa and Scott Wiggans with daughters Brooke and Blair at their new homesite, Cinnamon Shore (read)

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A Perfect Plan

Sharing a Vacation Home~ Greg Fox and his brother envisioned a three-story home to share, building at a site with easy access to lake, pool, and beach. On the lakeside boardwalk of Cinnamon Shore South stands The Great White, a gleaming, brand-new vacation home shared by two beach-loving brothers. Greg and Brian Fox grew up vacationing in Port Aransas (read)

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2023 Color of the Year: Viva Magenta!

Every year, we love to see this annual selection from the color experts at Pantone®. For 2023, they chose Viva Magenta, specifically Pantone No. 18-1750. They say it “vibrates with vim and vigor,” a descendant of the red family that feels “brave and fearless.” It has “exuberance” that “promotes a joyous (read)

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Giving Coastal Real Estate

Give a Coastal Legacy What’s on your shopping list this Christmas? Consider giving the intangible things that come with buying coastal property at Cinnamon Shore: laughter from a breezy front porch, walks on the beach, golf cart rides over the dune crossover, and watercolor memories that will never fade. Great selection for the choosiest beach (read)

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The Keepsake Cottages

4 of 7 brand-new cottages still available from Seabreeze Construction Named for tiny treasures held close to the heart, our Keepsake Cottages cluster around a courtyard to create something you value even more: a place to gather at the Texas Coast. Finishing construction now, these homes will be move-in ready! Great floor plans. Great architectural details (read)

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Go Coastal Chic!

Designers Showcase: Elements of Coastal Chic When you l ook at listings for homes under construction at Cinnamon Shore South, you’ll notice many showcase a fresh take on coastal interiors. They have a modern sensibility that updates our favorite coastal elements, from screen porches and cozy family rooms to bunk beds and luxe master baths. Lighting (read)

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Under Construction at Cinnamon Shore!

More homes, cottages, and a condo collection give buyers options when looking to buy Gulf-side in Port Aransas. Amid the country’s current real estate boom, Cinnamon Shore continues to deliver new options for luxury homebuyers looking for Gulf Coast vacation property. Families and investors have shown strong interest in the community’s fast (read)

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Last Homesite Release: Our Virtual Selection Process

Cinnamon Shore South is releasing its last homesites for buyers who want to build custom homes, with Selection Day on Wed., May 25th! We're thrilled to offer buyers new opportunities in our charming seaside village, located on the outskirts of Port Aransas, Texas. And you do not even have to be on site to participate! Just join our Preferred Buyers (read)

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All About the Last Homesite Release at 'South'

It's your very last chance to build from the ground up at Cinnamon Shore South ~ Don't Miss It! Cinnamon Shore South in Port Aransas, Texas, has grown from a blank, wind-swept, sandy plain to a charming village in just a few years! Since breaking ground in fall of 2018 to today, we've sold phase after phase at a record pace -- and more quickly than (read)

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Best Bets for Bedroom Decor: Learning from Cinnamon Shore

We're all about relaxation at Cinnamon Shore. Whether it’s for a guest bedroom or for the master bedroom, choosing the right décor— is challenging. You don’t want a boring, bland, and featureless room. Spaces without personality can remind you of hotels or clinical settings—not exactly conducive to a good night’s (read)

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Best-Kept Secret: Building a Custom, Coastal Dream Home~

The big reveal! See how one mom surprised her daughters with the gift of Cinnamon Shore~ How would you tell your family you’ve found the perfect place to build a coastal dream home? Leslie Moseley ordered a pillow with the coordinates of the home site, wrapped up the house plans, and surprised her college-age daughters with Cinnamon Shore swag (read)

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Cracking the (Design) Code

The all-important design code gives Cinnamon Shore its identity, its foundation, and its promise of high standards for years to come. Mark Schnell, the urban designer of Cinnamon Shore, lives near Seaside, Florida--famous in the world of architects, urban planners, and designers for its charming look and feel. The Truman Show was filmed there--a depiction (read)

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Best Bunk Rooms!

Pick the top bunk or down below! These bunk rooms will keep everyone happy with where they end up! Most homes, town homes and condos at Cinnamon Shore feature bunk beds -- either an official bunk room or tucked away in a nook. Some homes even add a wall of bunks to the secondary living room or den. Space-saving and fun for kids of all ages, they're (read)

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Nominate Your Favorites! New Restaurant & Retail at Cinnamon Shore

Who Should Be at Cinnamon Shore?  We're Looking For One-Of-A-Kind Restaurants & Retail! We’re ready to bring more great eateries, shops, and services to Cinnamon Shore—and we want your input! So many restaurateurs and owners are interested, but we’d love to get your perspective. And maybe you’re one of the dreamers who (read)

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2022 Color of the Year!

The official Color of the Year -- 'Veri Peri' -- resonates here at Cinnamon Shore! It's a violet blue meant as a nod to the future, and ours is very bright -- for 2022 and beyond. For the first time, the Pantone Color Institute created a brand-new, custom shade as its Color of the Year—a pretty periwinkle called Very Peri. With a “true blue (read)

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Contemporary Comfort

Austin interior designer Chris Beach gave the interiors of this relaxing lakeside home a fresh take. On Chris Beach’s official bio, it says that his design vision is inspired by his home state and by his travels around the world. But when he designed interiors for this brand-new home at Cinnamon Shore South, he also drew on personal experience (read)

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What Makes a Livable Living Room

Sink into that sofa. Set your cocktail glass on the side table. Get tips for creating a great family room from beautiful beach homes at Cinnamon Shore. The elements that make a living room comfortable and stylish are up for interpretation. But we asked Austin designer Tricia Dabney to share her favorite tips and tricks for creating a cozy space -- like (read)

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5 Smart Money Moves for Buying a Beach House

Our banking experts can help you find affordable ways to make coastal home dreams come true. Our lending partners have helped countless families finance coastal homes. With options for new construction on the horizon at Cinnamon Shore, we asked our experts to share popular and advantageous ways to finance beachside property and build. Here’s what (read)

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Beach House Blueprints: An Architect Shares His Secrets

Jim Kissling of Kissling Architecture offers insights on designing coastal homes. For Jim, a beach house requires creature comforts that include a cool bedroom after a hot day in the sun and a porch where he can relax. But he's most interested in learning what his clients want. After designing more than 50 houses at our community, he’s integrally (read)

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What Makes Cinnamon Shore Special

Building an iconic beach town... From the start, Cinnamon Shore established something new, drawing like-minded beachgoers looking for high-quality homes and family-friendly vacations . A first of its kind… The first New Urban community on the Texas Coast, it signaled next-level design and smart town planning that promised a coastal village unlike (read)

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3 Essentials for Decorating Your Beach Home

Tricia Dabney of High Cotton Home & Design offers advice. One of our expert designers and decorators on the Cinnamon Shore Design Team, Tricia grounds her work in the character and vintage flair. She shows three key ways to  No. 1  Go Vintage. When searching for unique coastal design elements,  Tricia Dabney of High Cotton Home & (read)

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See ALL the Progress At South

Laying the Groundwork: Phase 3 Is Ready for Construction! Home sites meant for new construction are closing now, and builders will break ground soon! Handsome New Homes: On the Rise This classic coastal white cottage with black shutters sets a high standard for the beach homes of Cinnamon Shore South. Lakeside Cottages: Well Under Way! Darling homes (read)

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The Colors of Cinnamon Shore

A palette for sea and shore helps define our community. What color would your coastal dream home be? At Cinnamon Shore, our master plan helps you decide–and it also ensures the community maintains its classic appeal and genuine sense of place. Cinnamon Shore’s town planner, Urban Designer Mark Schnell, called on his wife, nationally known (read)

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What Makes a Coastal Dream House?

Renting or buying, find the perfect beach home at Cinnamon Shore There are so many choices to make when choosing a home to rent for vacation, buy, or build. And when you're doing it at the coast, people have strong opinions about what makes the perfect coastal home.  The No. 1 Asset Of course, proximity to the ocean is a must. And yes (read)

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Brisk Sales at 'South': Phase 4

New Phase of Gulf-Side Development Practically Sells Out Upon Release! We were thrilled with the response to our Phase 4 property release on Sat., April 17 2021 at Cinnamon Shore South, and we welcomed many new families to the neighborhood. Beach lovers and investors continue to seek coastal home sites at "South," the $1.3 billion expansion of Cinnamon (read)

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Peek Inside an 8-Bedroom, Beachside Beauty

Named See the Sea, this Gulf-front beauty at Cinnamon Shore South will having you imagining what you could do if you built your own custom home. We can connect you with top area builders and introduce you to respected architects when the time is right to build your own beach house at Cinnamon Shore South. To learn more at Cinnamon Shore Real ty: CLICK (read)

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New Architects Join Cinnamon Shore Design Team

Meet Two Texas Architects Now Designing Homes at ‘South’!   With our fast-growing expansion at South, we’re working with some of the best design professionals in the South. Now, we’re thrilled to welcome two highly regarded Texas architects to the Cinnamon Shore Design Team: Tim Brown of Dripping Springs, Texas, and (read)

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ANNOUNCING: Property Release on Sat., April 17!

Come Home To Cinnamon Shore! Next Phase at Cinnamon Shore South Ready! We’re excited to announce the next phase of Cinnamon Shore South, located on the south side of the boardwalk lake. This side of the lake will have sunrise views in the morning and shade in the afternoons, perfect for summers at the shore! Our development team has been (read)

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Great Investment Potential at Cinnamon Shore

The first, New Urban neighborhood on the Texas Coast, established in 2007, has become the standard for coastal, luxury development in the Lone Star State. And 2020’s performance at Cinnamon Shore, located in Port Aransas, Texas, shows why. With a 54% increase in total vacation bookings and a 75% increase rental revenue in 2020 over 20219, it&rsquo (read)

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Mark Schnell: Our Urban Designer Shares His Vision

Cinnamon Shore Benefits From An Expert At Master Planning The urban designer for Cinnamon Shore, Mark Schnell of Seagrove, Florida, recently reminisced about how Cinnamon Shore started and how it’s delivered flawlessly on the master plan he drafted back in 2006. From a blank canvas of empty shoreline in 2006 to an authentic, beachside neighborhood (read)

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Official Colors of the Year!

Pantone's Choices Are All Over Cinnamon Shore -- In Design and In Nature!  As predictable as fireworks on New Year's Eve, the Pantone Color Institute reveals its Color of the Year with the dawning of a New Year. But for 2021, it selected two colors for the first time in 22 years -- a sun-yellow hue called Illuminating and a storm sky shade called (read)

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Master the Master Bedroom

Ideas and Inspiration from the Homes at Cinnamon Shore: There's no other room that should feel as much like a haven as the master bedroom. And in a vacation home, that rule applies all the more. Privacy's important, but you want it to be beautiful, too. Look at some of our prettiest homes for take-aways for your own master bedroom. You (read)

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Coral Bliss

Bright and Beachy: Tradewinds Outpost Residence Offers Sophisticated Style Designer Courtney Rangel of CGR Designs had one mission when asked to do the interiors at Tradewinds Outpost, our newest residential building at Cinnamon Shore: "When people come to these units, I want them to feel like they've been transported to the beach,"  (read)

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All In on the Gulf-Front Lifestyle

When there’s nothing between you and the Gulf but a stretch of broad Texas sand, you’re free to relax, to dream, to live the coastal lifestyle. Gulf-front property has value that goes beyond the price per square foot. Such an investment encompasses your future, your family, your legacy.  We can tell you that in our realty office, but (read)

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Just Sold at Cinnamon Shore

Big Sales in 2020 Since the start of the year, there's been more interest in Cinnamon Shore North and Cinnamon Shore South. Our expansion has provided more opportunities to build coastal dream homes.   Cinnamon Shore North 251 Bent Grass 112 Center Lane 210 Social Circle, #9-101 230 Round Road, B2 230 Round Road C2 190 Social Circle #10-302 230 (read)

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Color of the Year-Coastal Blue!

Classic Blue is everywhere at Cinnamon Shore! A beachy blue has been named the 2020 Color of the Year by the world's most esteemed color experts!  This friendly shade shows up in beach homes all over Cinnamon Shore -- a perfect accent for all-white interiors or a solid choice to stand center stage.  Plus, you'll see it in the (read)

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Color of the Year 2019

Pantone’s Color of the Year Works at Cinnamon Shore   As bright and fun as a beach ball, this year’s Color of the Year from Pantone feels just right at the coast. We’re celebrating all things coral at Cinnamon Shore.   For 2019, the color gurus at Pantone selected PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral, described as “an animating (read)

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11 Beautiful Bathrooms

11 Beautiful Bathrooms at Cinnamon Shore that Inspire At-Home Luxury   Port Aransas luxury real estate offers ideas for spa-tacular luxury in your own master baths, guest suites, and more.   It’s hard to compete with a Gulf view from a stand-alone tub at the beach. But these gorgeous bathrooms from the vacation homes at Cinnamon Shore (read)

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New with Water Views in Port Aransas

Luxury real estate at Cinnamon Shore abounds, but only a select few properties offer expansive water views. Snag your dream beach home for less than you’d pay at premier Florida communities.   You’ve longed for a luxury vacation home where you can relax and gaze at the Gulf. Cinnamon Shore brings the dream closer than you imagined—and for less (read)

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Now Available: Gulf-Front Home at Cinnamon Shore

Check out one of the best waterfront homes available among Port Aransas real estate listings.   Working closely with some of Florida’s most acclaimed designers, the current owners of Cinnamon Shore’s 214 Seaside Drive knew what they wanted for their family of five: a haven with beach cottage appeal, sophisticated coastal style, and, (read)

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Building a Legacy

Coming soon to Cinnamon Shore is “ Easy Like Sunday Morning ,” (ELSM) a 4,200 sq.ft home with 5-bedrooms and 5.5-bathrooms. For a closer look into the design and vision of our newest coastal retreat, we spoke with Carrie Brewer of Legacy DCS , who is the lead interior designer behind ELSM. While development is underway, this up-and-coming home (read)

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Introducing Sunset Cottages

We are proud to introduce Mustang Island’s newest addition of luxury beach homes, the Sunset Cottages.   Closely nestled around Sunset Park, yet just steps away from fine dining and shops, these eight new Texas beach homes are perfect for families who want to enjoy the bustling activities of Cinnamon Shore mixed with the relaxation of the coast (read)

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7 Essential Tips for Decorating Your Beach Home

Owning a home on the beach is exciting, especially when it comes to making it your own.    Whether it's choosing what color to paint the walls, which bedspread to use in the main master, or what light fixtures you want in the living room, decorating your home can be exhilarating, but also overwhelming. With endless articles on home decoration (read)

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How Three Texas Designers Created a Coastal Modern Retreat

Shore Perfection, a home that truly lives up to its name, is one of the newest additions to Cinnamon Shore. Immediately when you step through the French doors, you are greeted with a cozy living room that blends perfectly together with the dining room and kitchen. In what the builder, Pete Waggoner, describes as “casual elegance,” this vacation (read)

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Unveiling New Penthouses on the Texas Coast

The Cinnamon Shore community is expanding, and the newest addition is a hub for luxury living, premiere retail, and dining. Market Street Penthouses contains five beautiful residences, each with their own uniquely designed interior. Enter the residences through a small private lobby among the first-floor shops, ride the elevator up to your home, and (read)

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Top Benefits of Investing in a Vacation Home

In today’s world, there are many ways to make an extra buck, but hardly any of those options offer you a vacation anytime you want. Oh, all the hotels are booked? Not a problem. When you invest in a vacation home, you have the power of setting the day and time of your getaway, all while turning a huge profit. Here are a few reasons we believe owning (read)

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10 Features your Vacation Rental Needs

New year means new opportunities. At  Cinnamon Shore , it’s not just the view and location that attracts guests to our most popular vacation rentals, it’s the fact that they are visiting a home that treats them like their own. Think of the last time you rented a vacation home. What did you like the most about it? What features were missing? Did you (read)

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Spring Break Meets Sustainable Design

When you go on spring break to warmer weather, you might not necessarily be thinking about saving the planet — much less about sustainable design!But there are environmentally friendly options when it comes to accommodations. With a little searching, you might be able to find a place to stay that meets your needs, is healthy, energy efficient (read)