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BlogJune 2021What Makes a Coastal Dream House?

What Makes a Coastal Dream House?

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Renting or buying, find the perfect beach home at Cinnamon Shore

There are so many choices to make when choosing a home to rent for vacation, buy, or build. And when you're doing it at the coast, people have strong opinions about what makes the perfect coastal home. 

The No. 1 Asset

Of course, proximity to the ocean is a must. And yes, the closer you are the more you will likely pay. But even glimpses of water or the smell of salt air are attributes of homes at the shore that qualify them as coastal dream homes: Somehow just knowing that the beach is a stroll away can make a beachy condo feel like a mansion. You're at the coast, and that, in and of itself, makes your property dreamy.

 Cinnamon Shore offers a range of properties to meet vacation home goals, from condos and townhomes to high-end, multi-family residences overlooking the Gulf.

Cinnamon Shore has seen a pattern in what people want when they're looking to stay at the beach for a vacation weekend -- or for life.

Places to Gather

Many homes at Cinnamon Shore have great open floor plans, so the person in the kitchen mixing cocktails can chat with the group in the den. And many of them feature smaller dens, where more intimate groups can gather for a card game or movie, and couples can get away from the crowd to relax or read. 


Places to Retreat

Speaking of retreating, the architects and builders we work with understand the needs of families, and they work to imagine what real life would be like in the home they're designing. Whether it's for Cinnamon Shore North or our new expasion next door, Cinnamon Shore South, our designers don't waste space at  the homes we build. Whether it's a separate den off a master suite or a smaller nook where teens can play video games, there are places people can retreat in many of our larger homes. 


Porches and Patios

What's a coastal home without the breeze? Porches should never be an afterthought in a coastal home. Private porches open off some of the guest rooms, while balcony porches overlook the community, placed to take advantage of bay or Gulf views, even in the distance. And porches, meant to encourage socializing and a friendly, community feel, are part of the New Urban design scheme of the whole community. 


Two Master Suites

If you're sharing a beach home with older adults or another couple, there's no need to forego the luxury of a master suite. The perfect beach home solves that dilemma by offering  two master suites! Considered the second master bedroom in this Gulf-front home, the bedroom shown below offers a fireplace and flatscreen TV, along with well-appointed linens and a private porch.


Bunk Rooms That Delight

The perfect coastal dream home has at least one bunk room, whether it's connected to the room where Mom and Dad stay or tucked into a third-story loft. Kids have fun climbing up ladders and built-in stairs, and convenient drawers or built-in shelving can offer a place to store books and games. Built-in bunk beds are part of the DNA of many homes at Cinnamon Shore.


Fabulous Kitchen

Even if you're not a cook, the kitchen in a coastal home becomes a gathering spot. Plus, they're a top component to invest in when you're reselling a home. Homes at Cinnamon Shore often include stainless appliances, kitchen islands for extra seating, beautiful tile back splashes, open shelving and sophisticated lighting.



Book or Buy! 

So, whether you're looking to rent or buy, check out Cinnamon Shore. For a vacation rental, CLICK HERE: Find a perfect vacation rental.  For available real estate, CLICK HERE: Find a place of your own to return to again and again.

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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Thursday, June 3, 2021

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