BlogJuly 2021Cinnamon Shore Helps Texas Monthly Writer Channel the Hamptons Dream Life

Cinnamon Shore Helps Texas Monthly Writer Channel the Hamptons Dream Life

Diane Keaton has nothing on Texas Monthly Writer Wendy Aarons during her stay at Cinnamon Shore South.

Wendy's July 1st article for the "Where to Stay Now" column chronicles her vacation with her husband, two teens, and parents at Cinnamon Shore South last spring. She starts by envisioning herself as a protagonist in a Nancy Meyers' film, such as Diane Keaton in "Something's Gotta Give," sipping wine in a luxe beach home in the Hamptons. Then her teens interrupt the daydream: "It’s hard to be a Fancy Beach House Lady when your husband, teenage sons, and senior-citizen parents insist on joining you," she writes, before she goes on to describe all the things her family loved about their time at Cinnamon Shore.

From the gorgeous vacation home itself to golf cart rides on the beach on their way enjoy the amenities over at North, her piece captures the luxury vacation experience with humor and great accolades for our community.

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Read Excerpts & See Full Article

Check out Wendy's full article at HERE and enjoy a few excerpts, below:

"On the advice of friends, I found a gorgeous rental in the “seaside village” of Cinnamon Shore, in Port Aransas, just a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Austin. The price per night for most of the offerings was more than I’d usually pay for a vacation stay, but after the pandemic year we’d had, I decided to splurge for four nights at a nearly brand-new, three-story house, just footsteps from the Gulf.

For fifteen years, visitors have flocked to the original Cinnamon Shore resort, an upscale, pastel-colored vacation community on one thousand acres of beachfront in Port Aransas...We opted to stay at the in-the-works Cinnamon Shore South, a new $1.3 billion, three-hundred-acre expansion that’s located about a mile from the main office. Until the South’s dining district, pools, and other amenities are open, guests are welcome to use North’s three private pools, restaurant, and a grocery store. We didn’t mind the trips between the properties at all, mostly because my two teenage sons were more than happy to blast inappropriate songs in our rented resort golf cart while they zoomed along the sand, their grandparents holding on for dear life."


Wendy writes with admiration about the house where the family stayed, a great house that's in our Vacation Rental Pool, The Summer Catch. (Check availability HERE.) Here's Wendy's review:

"Like all Cinnamon Shore properties, the house we stayed in was beautifully, and professionally, decorated. I was relieved that my kids are no longer in the 'must touch shiny objects' phase or we would have easily lost our rental deposit on a few shattered objets d’art. The glass kitchen cabinet full of Rae Dunn beach-themed mugs or the mounted pieces of coral, for example. (Keep that in mind if you’re traveling with curious toddler fingers—you’ll want to put things on higher shelves.) The interior design was like a spa visit for my senses after looking at the same walls of my house for months. The aesthetic was so relaxing, in fact, with the multiple decks, comfortable couches, and ocean view, that I continued to slip into my movie fantasies."

She proceeds with a hilarious tale of learning to operate the high-end range in the chef-grade kitchen and gets philosophical about her time at the shore, writing: "These doses of reality only reminded me that no matter where you go, you’re who you are. Try as we might, we just aren’t the Kennedy family at our Cape Cod compound."The story points out many of the things her family loved about their stay, highlighting how close the house is to the beach, the convenient umbrella and chaise set-up service, and shoulder season bliss of less crowded beaches, where she and her mom took long walks. Wendy writes:

"We sat by the water for hours, catching up on everything we’d missed over the past year of not being together...Mostly, we let our shoulders fall away from our ears for a few days. (Note: the resort has reported record bookings for this summer, so if you’re looking for a similar experience, you might want to consider coming in the fall; Port A hosts both the Texas SandFest and a music festival in October.)"



Read the full article at HERE, but remember that you can experience the type of luxe beach vacation that Wendy writes about, too! Just check out the available rental properties in the link below! 


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